Mobitrotter – new smartphone telecom travel partner

MobiTrotter signs agreement with the Swedish tour operator Ving, part of the Thomas Cook Group.

MobiTrotter is a mobile app, designed especially for
travelers who are tired of overpriced international
mobile telephony. With the app you can reduce the
costs significantly for calls and surf abroad and for inter-national calls from home.

MobiTrotter is a new value added service for the travel industry that gives the user an insurance against shock bills after the trip. LNC Global Mobile AB (LNC) is the swedish company behind the app. The aim is to establish partnerships in the travel industry and travel-related companies. Recently LNC opened up an opportunity for investors to co-invest in the company. See co-investment opportunity

”We are excited to have Ving as a partner and we are confident that Ving customers will love our services,” said Peter Bjurström one of the two founders.

”We see MobiTrotter as a perfect add-on service for our passengers but also for our guides and staff,” says Tomas Waling, Ving

Ving is now carrying out a test of the services for the planned launch for the Christmas sales.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Bjurström, COO/CMD Jan Larsson, CEO
Mobile: +46707357735 Mobile: +46705094502
Email: Email:

About MobiTrotter

MobiTrotter is operated by LNC global mobile AB (LNC) located in Årsta in the southern part of Stockholm, Sweden.

LNC’s staff all have a solid experience in mobile telephony, IP telephony and the telecommunications industry. The company has a small and flexible organization making them fast and very cost effective compared to traditional actors in the market.

LNC also operates LandNCall, offering simcard solutions for travelers to Thailand, Spain and Mexico. LandNCall’s services can be used even without a Smartphone. LandNCall was first to offer Voip linked to local simcards. LandNCall AB was founded in 2009 and the company was acquired and owned by Alltele, listed on the Swedish stock exchange OMX Smallcaps, between 2010-2012.

Now, LNC have adapted the technology for mobile applications where the smartphone market as the market has become mature. 80-90% of our market segments is using smartphones today. LNC’s goal is to offer the smartest and easiest solution to be mobile abroad and be able to make international calls and surf at the lowest possible prices. LNC Global Mobile Ltd was established in 2013-03.

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