Hotel Monopol -gissa var?

Jag har i natt bott på ett mycket fint hotell-gissa var? Ni får några ledtrådar – se nedan:

The main hall of the hotel is encased in marble. The floors, the pillars, the reception counter; everything has been kissed with the touch of this most noble of materials. Black & Gold marble from the Far East, Turkish Afyion, its sable tones interwoven with light. Everywhere there are flowers, as if one is in a real garden, and candles together with a discrete scent of luxury. From the moment one enters, a warm welcome is guaranteed.

On the right is the Monopol Restaurant, bathed in light and with its chestnut ceiling supported by marble porphyry pillars, with the café and meeting rooms adjacent.

Straight ahead lie the lifts and stairs which lead to the magical world of Sanum Per Aquam – the hotel spa. On the left is a long corridor and more rooms. All in excellent proportions, everything arranged in order to welcome, to envelop, to make one feel at home.

In the newly restored 5 star Monopol one can find 121 rooms, of which 14 are apartments. Every room has been individually designed with the greatest of care taken in every detail. In this painstakingly restored building, contemporary architecture and interior design consciously match these features, the gothic forms of the church. It once again underlines how sublime and innovative interior design can match beautifully with old, heritage materials and how the most up to date technology supports and completes the historical substance of the whole.

Each room possesses the essential creature comforts of a 5 star hotel. The greatest care has been taken here to ensure that every comfort important for the well groomed contemporary traveller is exceeded.

The Monopol Hotel is truly unforgettable. Everyone who stays here even once will certainly wish to return, for it is impossible not to be drawn back to such a place.

Indeed, the Monopol was given life to provide such a welcome.


Om pwh

Senior Travel Adviser More than 40 years of experience from distribuation,web and social media strategy. Digital communication projects and education to University. . Interested in sharing my ideas and experience with creative teams and brave clients. Peter Hellmans Specialties: senior analyst, travel, tourism and sports focus on basketball web strategy, web 2.0, social media, payments,marketing, creativity, meetingindustry, start-up and China . Board member and partner to five company and organisations. Mentor to people from Africa and,Grecce. Specialties: Neetwork links. Linkedin,Twitter,Facebook Peter Hellman född 1952 Rese-turistanalytiker -innehar stort nätverk i Sverige och internationellt. 40 års erfarenheter av affärsmodeller och strategier inom distribution, e-handel, betal -och mobil lösningar, mötesindustrin, säkerhet, hållbarhet och turism. Entreprenör, investerare, mentor i bolag , högskolan och organisationer. Ledamot/partner i Style Scandinavia, Clic Solution, DDoS Solutions, GreenBay Payment, Mobitrotter, GolfSki World Adventure. Ledamot i Trippus Event solution sedan 2001. Rådgivare till Travel News och Framtidsgruppen. Författare av rapporter om Mötesindustrin, Kina och e-handel åt Tillväxtverket. Seminariearrangör tillsammans med VA, AfV, TN och Tillväxtverket. Fd affärsutvecklingschef för Amex/Nyman & Schultz Sverige och projektledare för bildandet av First Card. Fd VD för ett kinesiskt rese och turistföretag. Styrelse Medlem i internationella branschorganisationer- Skål tidigare även i MPI Europe och ICCA Norden.
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En kommentar till Hotel Monopol -gissa var?

  1. Hej Peter.

    Låter fint och jag gissar att du bor på Hotell Monopol i Wroclaw.

    Ha det så skönt


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